Australian Certified Organic Whey Protein

Divinita’s Whey Protein is now ACO approved.

The Australian Certified Organic (ACO) board has Australia’s strictest and highest standards among the certified organic boards.  It gives consumers satisfaction to know that they are purchasing a product which adheres to the best levels of organic practice possible.  We at Divinita are proud to announce that our Organic Whey Protein is now ACO certified.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce and has over 1500 operators within its certification system.  They provide certification services to operators from all sectors of the organic industry. Certification ensures compliance with national production standards and allows trace back of all products to their origin.

Why certified organic protein?


With so many whey proteins on the market, it has become increasingly difficult to choose what is the best option.  Often many companies claim 100% natural protein, grass-fed whey or high quality whey as hooks to encourage consumer purchase.  However, none of these claims can offer substantial or certification to verify the claims they make on their products.  Natural proteins may be laced with unnatural flavouring.  Grass-fed whey will most likely contain added hormones and antibiotics (unless claim with a certification board).  While high quality may only refer to the concentration of protein per 100g, they may not verify the quality of the protein or the origin.

The only way you can be sure that you are consuming the best quality protein available is to look for one that is ACO organic.

This is why at Divinita, we ensure that we only provide the best quality that’s available.  We use only 100% organic ingredients that are certified with the ACO.  That includes any flavourings, sweeteners and emulsifiers.  We keep the products as clean as pure as possible… the way nature intended.


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