Organic Milk is better for you, here's why...

Studies show that organic milk has more benefits than conventional milk.

Australian's drink over 2 billion Litres of milk a year.  The conventional dairy industry is such a huge part of the Australian economy that it has become a super commercial success.  But new studies have emerged showing that organic milk is scientifically better for you.  Here's why..


The science

A recent study has shown the benefits of organic milk due to its better balance of fatty acids.  This study is the first large-scale, national milk-fat composition survey in the U.S. comparing milk from organic and conventional farms. The results are based on 378 samples of organic and conventional milk from 7 regions collected over 18 months.  The results showed that organic milk had more beneficial Omega-3 and less damaging Omega-6.  Not only that, but the ratio of Omega 3 to 6 was much more favourable than conventional milks.

The results also showed that better results were obtained from drinking full cream organic dairy milk as opposed to skim or fat free options.

Organic milk is good for your health

It has been shown that just 500mL of milk a day can drastically supply a significant amount of many of the nutrients that are required daily.  Having organic milk has shown to help balance your body's omega 3 to 6 ratio promoting an overall sense of wellbeing, particularly if you are having full cream varieties.  Why are those ratios so important?  Both omega 6 and omega 3 play an important part in your health.  Unfortunately, many Westerners, Australia and Americans alike, consume way more omega 6 than necessary. This overconsumption of omega 6 can through your body out of balance and ultimately lead to negative health effects such as cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.


If organic milk is a bit out of your budget, conventional milk is still OK!  It is recommended however, to stick to full cream options rather than trim or skim milk options.  We believe that organic dairy provides the best nutrition for a healthy lifestyle.  We believe in organic dairy so much that we went and sourced organic whey protein direct from farmers in the European alps.  Our organic whey protein is the perfect supplement for someone looking at increasing their protein content.  You can find out more about our organic whey protein here.